A well trained dog is a happy dog.  Obedience training results in a canine companion who is fun to live
with and with whom you will develop a special bond.

Obedience training is the foundation for all other dog activities. After your dog completes training in the
Manners and More class, you can choose to participate in the exciting world of competition training.

Novice.  The first level of competition obedience is the Novice class.  Your dog will learn to heel on and
off lead and do a Figure 8 on lead.  The Figure 8 exercise demonstrates your dog changes pace when
you do.  The dog will stand while examined by another person who will approach the dog and lightly
touch the head, shoulders, and back.  In Novice your dog will learn to do a recall, which means the dog
will come when called   Finally, in a group exercise with other dogs, your dog will sit for l minute and lay
down for 3 minutes while you stand on the other side of the ring.  Dogs who are shown in Novice
obedience can earn the Companion Dog (C.D.) title.

Open.  Open is the second level of obedience.  In Open work, dogs do many of the same exercises as in
Novice but the work is done off lead and for longer periods of time.  There are also some jumping and
retrieving tasks added at the Open level.  Dogs who compete in Open can earn the Companion Dog
Excellent (C.D.X.) title.

Utility.  Dogs who compete at the Utility level can earn the Utility Dog (U.D.) title.  In Utility training, dogs
perform off leash, respond to the handler’s hand signals and voice commands, and perform exercises
such as scent discrimination and directed retrieving and jumping.

Rally.  Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler negotiate a course of exercises according to
sequentially numbered signs.  Rally provides a link from the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program to
obedience or agility competition, both for dogs and handlers.

As a member club of the AKC, TDOC holds sanctioned obedience trails in Tallahassee. For more
information on obedience competition, see the AKC’s web page at www.akc.org.