Tallahassee Dog Obedience Club
"Training you to train your dog"

Tallahassee Dog Obedience Club holds its monthly meetings the last Monday of the
month at 7:45  p.m.at Lafayette Community Center.    If you think you may be
interested in becoming a member, we invite you to attend our meetings.   It is a good
way to meet the members and learn about club activities.   If you have any questions
regarding the information in our website please click on the link below and one of our
members will be glad to assist you.

If, after attending our meetings, you would like to become a member, click on the link
below to obtain a copy of our membership application.  You must have  two active
club members as sponsors.     Complete it and bring it to the next meeting where you
can have two members sign.  You'll then be ready to submit it for your first reading
that night.

Membership is a two step process...the first month you must be present and are
introduced to the membership;  the second month your application is voted upon.  
We hope to see you there!  

Membership Application