Community  Service
Special Events
    Tallahassee Dog Obedience Club (TDOC) has an active
    community service program.  Throughout the year, members
    and their dogs are seen at events in the community so that
    people can see the benefits of a well trained dog.  TDOC
    members and dogs currently participate in the  
    demonstrations at summer children's camps, and other
    private/public events.

Therapy Dogs
    Some TDOC dogs have been certified as therapy dogs.  
    These dogs visit nursing homes, rehab programs, facilities
    for people with developmental disabilities and a number of
    other settings to bring joy to other people.  TDOC dogs are
    certified through Therapy Dogs International (www.tdi-dog.
    org) or the Delta Society (

Shelter Dog Classes
    TDOC members have provided a wonderful service to the
    community by offering classes to dogs adopted from the
    Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Service Center, our
    local shelter.  Trained dogs are far more likely to have a
    successful adoption.  Some shelter dogs who have come
    through TDOC's classes have received AKC numbers and
    they compete (and win!!) in obedience competitions.  The
    TDOC shelter program has been featured in nationally
    recognized dog magazines.