Classes Offered

(See below for Annual Schedule of Class Sessions)

Class                                   Night                 Time                 Location                                                
Basic Manners                  Wednesday       7:00 p.m.       Lafayette Community Center
Manners & More                Wednesday       7:
00 p.m.      Lafayette Community Center
AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy          Wednesday       7:
50 p.m.      Lafayette Community Center
Novice                                Wednesday        7
:50 p.m.       Lafayette Community Center

HEELING CLASS:  Prerequisite for the heeling class:  dog must have completed Manners &
WORKSHOPS:  The Open and Utility Workshops will be limited to four dogs each.  There are
no instructors, and the cost is $60.  In each workshop, time will be evenly distributed among
the dogs participating, and the handler will work on any exercises they would like to.  Workshop
participants should help each other, as in a run through (putting out gloves, etc.), but are not
required to instruct.  Since knowledge of the exercises is required, the handler must have
trained a dog in the workshop level in order to sign up.

To register for classes see below.

During the months of September through June, TDOC, through the City of Tallahassee and the
North Florida Fairgrounds, offers a series of training classes to the community. Classes are 7
weeks and are open to all dogs (purebred and mixed) three months of age or older. The goal
of these classes is to help owners teach their dogs simple commands (heel on leash, sit,
down, stay, stand, and come) and good manners. At the conclusion of the Manners & More
class most dogs are capable of passing the AKC approved Canine Good Citizenship

Puppy Class is for dogs under six months of age.  The primary focus of puppy class is
socialization with strangers and other dogs.  Puppies are introduced to the five basic
commands (sit, down, stay, come and stand) as well as health and hygiene, housebreaking
and basic grooming.

Basic Manners is for dogs over the age of six months.  This is our most popular class.  The
Basic Manners class is more structured than Puppy Class because the dogs are
developmentally more ready for structured lessons.  In Basic Manners, owners and dogs work
on refining the basic commands as well as learning additional commands.

Manners and More requires that dogs must have completed the Basic Manners Class.  The
concept of team work required for you and your dog to perform well together is introduced.  
Items of the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC) are reviewed in this
class.  Successful completion of this class will prepare you for the Attention or Novice class
and will give you a dog that is more reliable.

Novice, Open and Utility classes are offered primarily for the individual who would like to train
their dog for obedience competition, however, we have some owners who desire to train their
dog to a higher level, but are not interested in obedience competition.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing.   At the conclusion of the Manners & More class, the owner
and their dog should be ready to participate in the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test.  The CGC
Test is a certification program that tests dogs in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed
atmosphere.  The CGC Program has a 10 item test of basic good manners for dogs.  All dogs
who pass the test are eligible to receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.  For more
information on the CGC, see

Rally Obedience is a sport in which the dog and handler complete a course that has been
designed by the rally judge.  It provides a link from the Canine Good Citizen program to
obedience or agility competition, both for dogs and handlers.
Class Session
Begin Date
(Club Members and
Previous Session Students)
Registration Date
August 29, 2018
July 16, 2018
July 23, 2018
January 2, 2019
November 19, 2018
November 26, 2018
March 20, 2019
January 30, 2019
February 6, 2019
Annual Schedule of Class Sessions

Please call 562-4421 on or after your registration begin date above.  
The Pre-registration date is for club members and students enrolled
in the previous class session.
 The Registration Date is for the general
public.  Leave your name, telephone number, and the age and breed
of your dog.  Your call will be returned by the TDOC registrar, who
will give you additional information on the classes and the registration
process.  Classes are filled on a first come basis based on returned,
completed paperwork and payment.

Cost of Classes is $100.00.   For all  classes, TDOC  will
require proof of vaccination for the H3N2 virus along with the
other required vaccinations .  This vaccination is a two step
process.  Two to four weeks after the initial injection, a booster
is given.  Please allow time for this to be completed before
classes begin.